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the new pope make any difference? the sad answer to that is no. for one good reason: because half of 117 cardinals who elect the new pope were appointed by benedict xvi. the other half by his predecessor john paul ii. they will look for somebody who will continue the same ol' outdated policies. with this new conclave, you may get a new face for the catholic church, but it will be the same ol' stuff. and it ain't goting to work. see you back here go ahead on monday. >> this is "the bill press show."
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stephanie: ok, then, hello happy friday, everybody. jacki sheckner had to do an emergency valentine's day intervention last night. >> yeah. stephanie: we were having a rough valentine. however, we did not just get off a carnival cruise ship. >> so you're not covered in crap. stephanie: emotionally i am. >> i did administer tough love. stephanie: that's what you're good at. >> get over it. stephanie: get off the cross somebody needs the wood. >> she always feels good calling me and then whatever, get off the phone. stephanie: i get my tough love and i know she's got other people to move on to. >> pity party we wrap it up. stephanie: we're on a schedule here. stephanie: b.f.f. in the current news center, jacki sheckner. >> president obama will welcome president napolitano as the
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italian leader prepares to leave office. then he'll give out the 2012 citizens medal to 12 people, the nation's second highest civilian honor. former senator harris waford helped form the peace corps and been an advocate in higher education and will receive the award. he will make a trip to chicago making remarks about his proposals to strengthen the middle class and bolster our economy. >> congress heading home today leaving a decent amount of work as it heads into a recess. republicans have now blocked the confirmation of former senator chuck hagel as our next secretary of defense. and brennaman as the head of the c.i.a. in a new t.v. add for the
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n.r.a., a gun owner is a proclaimed proud defender of the second amendment. >> after the nra's disgusting response, i've had enough. you take money from the n.r.a. and then continue to do their bidding, we're going to remember that come election time. >> move on is running a separate add targeting senator rob portman of ohio. the senator said he could get behind some gun safety legislative proposals but hasn't made a public commitment to any of them yet. we're back. stay with us.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ stephanie: mmm hmm. the bad news is i had a crappy valentine's, but good news, we might all be hit by a meteor soon. >> no, it's down. stephanie: is there another one? >> no. stephanie: russia has all the fun. >> the big meteor's still out there's the silver lining. happy friday everybody. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from anywhere. you know what's happy about friday, the fact that you might be ready with a tune. ok. ♪ ♪ stephanie: yeah, yeah.
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good morning. good morning. >> gone, lover, how are you? >> lover! i was going to say sexy liberal john fugelsang in the washington bureau. can we meet again at that quiet little place we met last year. my wife is still straight. stephanie: i got one more try. see you april 18 in chicago. tickets are flying out the window with john fugelsang. >> i can't wait, it's going to be a fun show. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. how are you, sir. >> state of the union and the pope quitting and the carnival cruise line, i'm great, thank you. i'm here early today because i have to fly to michigan where i'm performing at michael moore's winter comedy art
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festival. stephanie: awesome! >> i have a movie premiering there and then the headline set and premiering. stephanie: where? >> traverse city, michigan. i'll have the website by my end time with with you today. stephanie: i don't know if there's any marco rubio jokes left. >> i think there might be a couple left. it was great. i was doing live coverage with all the folks at current on there, so we timed it with david shuster and cenk, we all had bottles of water to drink from. there was so much focus on his dehydration, she have given a short shrift to his lies. stephanie: that's true. he fell into the orchestra pit at the end. there's nothing at a you're going to remember. >> how do you sweat that much
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when you're standing in complete darkness. i've seen snuff films with better lighting. this is why you need union lighting guys, marco. i know you don't like the sound of that. stephanie: boehner basically came out and said what i said about the state of the union with all these great ideas clapping politely as if to say none of that's ever going to happen. that's what he said, nah none of that's going to happen. >> it's fun to watch to see where they don't stand up. i try to tell my republican friends, i said watch what the republicans don't applaud and stand up for helping minimum wage workers raising the minimum age but we might bomb north korea we'll stand up for that. any questions, children. >> have i used the word unprecedented before. ♪ world news tonight.
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♪ >> can we talk about harry reid's gift? harry reid owns what happened with this fill buster. this is all him. he had the chance. not only did he promise he would do something about it, he had the chance to do something about it on the first day of the senate session. he could have done it with a 51% vote for filibuster reform and he didn't and we paid the price for it. stephanie: i couldn't believe he used the word shocking here. senator harry reid yesterday on the senate floor. >> shocking that my republican colleagues would leave the nation without a fully empowered secretary of defense during all the things we have going on in the world, including a war. stephanie: also shocked to find out there's gambling going on in vegas. >> few leon panetta has to go to the nato summit in brussels. he's like george bailey.
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he's never getting out of bedford falls. i got big plans. i love her. she's a peach. >> because republicans have a punish a republican for the crime of being right about iraq. stephanie: exactly. this talking voice memo, filibuster will fall shortly nomination blah blah blah. that's the thing people don't understand that don't pay attention in the history of ever. i tell my dog max you're the best dog in the history of dogs and the history of history. this is like the history of that the history of the united states. >> i said if harry reid's mad at the gop for filibustering this, he needs to spend an entire day punching himself in the face. stephanie: why you are touching yourself, stop it. >> he promised that wouldn't happen. stephanie: we'll be treated to a big show when republicans block
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hagel on the floor tomorrow and a quiet resolution a few days down the row when graham gets his answer. >> he's promised to block the rest of lady gaga's tour until she gives answers on benghazi. >> in other words, we may have reached unprecedented heights of senator yell preening about a cabinet nominee talking to you lindsey. he's going to be confirmed. >> i also have questions about the sinking of the maine. stephanie: yes and also the edmond fitzgerald. >> they don't care about benghazi, they don't care one bit about the fact that president bush was told well in advance that we were going to be attacked on 9/11. they don't care about any of that. it's just exploiting these dead people. they exploited 9/11 to attack
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iraq and 9/11, 2122barock. stephanie: lurches back and forth between being elder states man and back with his southern belle best friend. i mean, yeah. >> fed any integrity left, he would call in those chicken hawks. ted across pulling this are you now or have you ever been, chuck hagel, like sharia law. this guy has a purple heart from vietnam. do you know how much i hate defending republicans stephanie. stephanie: well played, sir. go ahead. john mccain. >> i think that that is a sufficient period of time to get answers to outstanding questions and i think that senator hagel after that period of time deserves a vote and a up or down
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vote on his nomination. stephanie: he was calling the white house's answers on benghazi satisfactory now. he said he's ready to find a way to end the filibuster holding up the nomination, but now is trying to get answers to questions posed by senator ted across. you pointed out that douche regarding hagels sources of income which he's going to throw might be north korea. >> have you ever been an agent of iron, north korea or mars. stephanie: this is how ridiculous they've gotten, they want to investigate an employee in hagel's office that reportedly sexually harassed another employee that hagel had nothing to do with. >> like ben gas yea which he had nothing to do with. 14 years ago this week, bill clinton was acquitted by the u.s. senate on his impeachment
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trial. only one of they say congressman ever made it to the senate in those efforts. who was that congressman? lindsey graham. famous trying to humiliate democrats, trying to do the same thing now. stephanie: give him the vapors. >> lindsey graham is my favorite tennessee protagonist. stephanie: and here he is, doing his catherine help burn impression. >> this is showing a chip on one shoulder about israel, an unhealthy statement to say the least and i think patently false but unnerving to a guy like me. >> all right thanks. stephanie: pardon me? >> summer's eve could sell lindsey graham, he's like brick in cat on a hot tin roof. >> that's not the character i was thinking of. stephanie: the thing we're all wondering, what is jay think? >> people are trying to say that
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and blame me as being the bad guy causing a filibuster. that's not the case at all. stephanie: just when you think he reached the last level level douche baggery. he was saying there's nothing icky in their entire family tree like divorce or homosexuality. >> that just dares you to run to stephanie: or go to break up one of their marriages. you got a divorce. oscar lance from fire island, wait a minute. that's one inho oh ff we weren't aware of.
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>> they keep pulling me back in. you're nothing but a frustrated old man. >> michael michael corleone. >> saying there's too much meanness on display his comments come amidst a budget crisis a lawmakers renewed a threat to block chuck hagel. he has to stay forever. and no angels get their wings. >> he's so embarrassing. there's a nato summit about what to do with afghanistan. we know this guy is going to become the press secretary. they can never claim to care about the military again after that. stephanie: i say it until i'm blue in the face this is not how they did business in my dad's era. this is true. this is exactly what he's saying. only disappointment in his job is how congress fails to provide a constructive role.
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when it came to the big issues facing this country there was a wiliness to work together to resolve those issues. there's some lines that are there that make the process work involving mutual respect courtesy and a degree of respect. that is breaking down, it becomes too personal and too many. i think you're right. john mccain is caught in the middle. he lurches back and forth between some innate sense of decency and back to help his buddy cater to his tea party base. >> for more, let's go to ted nugent. stephanie: 19 minutes after the hour, we roll along friday's with john fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the left roars back. [ cats fighting ] >> announcer: it's the
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 22 minutes after the our fridays with sexy liberal john fugelsang in the washington bureau of sexy liberal incorporated. hi andy. caller: i have a big concern about this gun control thing is that stuff will pass, but the republicans are going to do exactly what they've done with
6:26 am
wall street reform and consumer protection bureau, and block funds necessary to run the programs totaling underfunding them. saying you can have this, but you can't have people to run it or money to do anything with it new that's happened in the past with the n.r.a. that's what they do. they choke off do anything they can to weaken or cut funding for anything that's meaningful on gun control. >> harry reid will make the assault weapons ban dice in the senate. harry reid is going to let the assault weapons ban die in the senate. stephanie: that was i have to say the thing that bugged me the most. he said i didn't vote for it last time because it didn't make any sense. >> it didn't make any sense because he's in an n.r.a.
6:27 am
powerful state and almost got beat by a candidate that got beat in the head. stephanie: there's no information that sharon engle has a head injury. >> harry reid's doing her job. stephanie: i saw a piece in the new york times. john, there's so many parts of this gun debate. this is one that's been raised, but i thought it's interesting new york times to reduce suicide rates, new focus turns to guns. this is one of the one part of it. somebody said what's making it to popular to commit suicide these days, it's way up, guns. gun attempts kill 98% pills 2%. i know the arguments oh, you find another way but again statistics are statistics. >> a much more efficient way to do it. i believe if you have a gun in the house the possibility of killing yourself by suicide goes up by more than 40%. i'm looking at it right now. stephanie: i was going to read from "the new york times" piece 20,000 of the 30,000 deaths from
6:28 am
guns in the united states were suicides. the rate has climbed 12% since 2003, the third leading cause for death for teenagers guns are fatal in 85% of the cases. pills fatal in just 2% of the cases. the national map of suicide lights up in states with the highest gun ownership rates the three top also the top gun owning states. having a gun in your home to protect your family is like bringing a time bomb into your house. instead of protecting you it's more likely to blow up. suicidal acts often prompted by a temporary coverage of ragear despair, most who attempt it does not die but guns more likely to be lethal. if you use a gun you usually don't get a second chance. one counter argument, the suicidal person would have found this other way to kill himself.
6:29 am
you may find another method, but will it kill them? it's just one part of the debate. >> you might try to open a vain and get the wrong one that doesn't cause you to bleed themselves. >> 46 appearance kill themselves with guns every day. stephanie: look at you you just found that just like that. i mean, yeah, it's just one part of this conversation, but it's pretty significant i think don't you? >> yeah, i mean look at the stats, the risk of someone in your family dying from a gunshot if you have a gun in the house goes up by, lord, it's huge. suicides -- go ahead. >> bob costas had the audacity to suggest domestic disputes argumentses, alcohol might end differently, don't when there's guns around. >> exactly oop it's the law of averages. again, no one's trying to take anyone's guns away. no one has ever suggested taking anyone's guns away. >> which is proof that they're tying to do it. because the absence of evidence is proof of -- you know,
6:30 am
whatever. >> wane lapierre went out last night and did that piece for the daily caller and did a speech saying it was hell on earth in new york city after sandy and how brooklyn was overrun with looters and gun violence everywhere. there were no murders no murders in new york after sandy only seven people are being prosecuted for any thefts. >> really, millions of people? stephanie: fear mongering to buy guns at this point. that's all it is. the only way to self that, buy a gun. buy a gun buy more guns. >> lee pierre is so crazy his meds are off him. >> wane lapierre is so crazy if you look up crazy in the dictionary, he'll shoot you. >> i think he's to gun to be crazy. you have to have some intellect.
6:31 am
>> eliot spitzer came on viewpoint, which was historic, we talked about the fact that this guy's job is selling fear, and he's very good at it. his job is not to represent the n.r.a. members only the gun owners so more guns get sold. he's very effective. stephanie: more fridays with fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> when i laugh i pee a little.
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[ laughter ] stephanie: 34 minutes. [ laughter ] stephanie: after the hour. >> that's from an actual commercial. [ laughter ] >> great song, chris. >> thank you. stephanie: we have john fugelsang in the washington bureau. they have identified doren's remains. it is him. in terms of the gun debate, that was apparently a good guy with a gun until he became a bad guy with a gun. >> shocking. if only he had more guns. stephanie: right. >> it's sort of like first blood, except it was a black guy, so you knew they were going to take him off all the way. i want to point out that current tv is the only station that didn't have a picture of a smoking cabin in the corner of the screen during the state of the union address. caller: my dad died today.
6:37 am
stephanie: sorry. wow, so sorry. caller: i knew you guys could cheer me up and he would absolutely adored your show. john, the cabin thing seriously, we're missing the red carpet at the state of the union for watching a burning cabin like totally annoying. >> it wasn't much of a red carpet yet ted nugent. caller: it's like how long are we going to stair at a burning cabin, wondering if he's in there. i'm with you john on harry reid. i actually think he needs to go. stephanie: how can you be shocked at this point bit republicans? caller: he promised, like triple swore, i don't know, blood promise, you know. >> promised he would do this. caller: pinky handshake whatever. i really thought he might do it. you want to keep your hopes positive. >> not only did he promise, he said how wrong he was not to have listened last year when they said to do it.
6:38 am
caller: exactly, and then the thing with the, you know, chuck hagel, how do we even know what he wants to do for the job? they're lambasting hum raking him over the coals and smearing him. we have no idea if he's our guy. do we want him? john: he knows what he doesn't want to do, bomb iran and that's one of the reasons they hate him. caller: because he made a comment about the jew lobby i'm jewish, i'm over oh it. let's move on. >> i think he said jewish lobby. caller: everybody does it, right? my son asked me yesterday why wane lapierre hates jews. it was a hard question to answer but did you see his rant, his latest rant? >> listen, tell your son he hates americans in general. caller: right, i mean, you know, the mexicans raping people. >> what had a racist. everyone's got to read this to see how racist this guy is.
6:39 am
caller: i was there during the riots, nobody was raped. he's completely out of his gourd. i love you guys. stephanie: so sorry about your dad, honey. caller: thank you my husband took the day off he's going to take me shopping. he's a mench. stephanie: they say follow the money, right? this is a journal star. ulterior motives for opposing hagel, darth money groups off the a being election spending are now aggressively working to defeat the nomination of hagel. some are working overtime to conceal mowsist. efforts to stoke liberal opposition those who supported romney may well be funding the log cabin republicans to run ads criticizing senator hagel for comments. >> obama should withdraw the
6:40 am
nominations and nominate claire danes from homeland. stephanie: good idea. >> why are they giving money to log cabin republicans? does anybody pay attention to them? >> comedians. stephanie: you know who else is behind it? sheldon. >> mitt romney redistributed my wealth! stephanie: he is contacting republican senators directly asking them to oppose the nomination. he opposes him why? because he doesn't want to blow iran up. >> also, he was right about iraq. >> never mind that chuck hagel voted for sending over $80 million in aid to israel. oh oh, that. stephanie: oh, that. >> at those anti semites will do. stephanie: we haven't heard from john and pam and guess where they're going? ♪
6:41 am
♪ stephanie: good morning john and pam show. >> good morning everybody. hi baby dolls we're back. stephanie: hi, kids! >> hey rubio's just living proof that the gop just can't get away from waterboarding. stephanie: what did you there you wrote a skit. kids, are you coming up to chicago sexy liberal? >> yes, we are. we've been gone and don't you know he got his finger, his hand cut in a log splitter. stephanie: what? >> is he ok? i hate when has happens. >> honey, i do, too. >> at least he didn't get his log caught in a hand splitter. >> then this big old hefeir would be in trouble. we're not going to fly because i ain't going to get my big old
6:42 am
butt on a plane. we're going to see five of the sexiest people we've ever seen. stephanie: i have method you you are not a heifer. you are beautismall. >> you would be our first three way. stephanie: thank you, thank you very much. that's so sweet. thank you. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> we miss you guys, but we're back home in you and hopefully this husband of mine will keep his hands where they belong. stephanie: which is on you. >> we love you guys. >> love you to. stephanie: how cute are they? ouchow. mickee in south dakota, you're on with john. caller: howdy, everybody. say, i've got a couple of comments about the wage thing. stephanie: mmm hmm. caller: say if john bonehead
6:43 am
can wet 220 if you are thousand dollars a year and he's complaining about $9, why don't the american people have a invite to vote whether they get an increase or thought. why do they get to say we need a pay increase and then they get it. they voted for themselves. stephanie: yeah, yeah, it's interesting. >> john: because if that happened, john boehner wouldn't get to lie about it, that the raise of the minimum wage would hurt and it won't. people would have more money to spend at your business. caller: i have two things, the first i wanted to talk about harry reid. i agree i feel like he did in fact drop the ball, particularly on the first, and then watching the disaster that way it was going to be yesterday don't you think in some way though, that perhaps the silver lining, don't
6:44 am
you think that they're going to have to pass filibuster reterm at this point after what we just saw happened? stephanie: i've never seen a better case for it. obviously, john, you're right what he said happened and how harry reid couldn't see that coming. john: harry reid said i was wrong to trust a handshake deal with mitch mcconnell. they were right and i promise on the first day of the is that the, we're going to use the simple majority on that one day to do it. he called a recess so the first day would last a bit longer, when one day feels like several days like the habit. he did nothing. he let it die. he's already promised he would learn from his mistakes and he didn't. sorry, i'm done, he's dead to me dead to me. caller: good morning everyone. my question was about chuck hagel, who was somebody i respected in the old days because of his stance.
6:45 am
i wanted to know if ted cruise should maybe not be so vociferous against him. does the department of defense have any control over where bases go? isn't texas like the most -- doesn't it have the most bases of all the places in the united states? stephanie: i believe so, yeah. caller: if it was me, i would get a couple of them out of there, and say thanks to ted cruise's ideas about me in iran, whatever he was blathering about. stephanie: i don't think anybody can announce that. nyah. ♪ stephanie: just play that. >> maria in chicago. good morning. caller: good morning mama. stephanie: are you the official
6:46 am
dog walking bartender at the "stephanie miller show"? caller: i'm oh the not so official stalker of the show. stephanie: oh! >> didn't you see like 19 sexy liberal shows? caller: pretty much. this one in chicago will be my sixth. stephanie: yay! caller: i'm calling to give you fair warning that i am going to be wearing my grabby paws that night, mama. stephanie: as i recall, you're smoking hot. caller: oh, my heaven stars, i'm blushing. stephanie: that lindsey graham impression was very good. nicely done. touch the pearls! caller: they are being touched. i wanted to tell you that my drinking game for the state of the union, we were very proud of this one. we decided to come up with fat bubbles for john boehner as he was sitting there. my favorite, one of my friends came up with him saying just hang in there john, this will all be over soon and you can get
6:47 am
your scotch and water. stephanie: i think he was drinking bourbon and coke. caller: i think he was. every time they cut away, he reached for a giant water bottle. >> every time john boehner was miserable, i took a drink. i lasted 20 minutes. stephanie: marco rubio had his own drinking game. >> i should have made it when the president said comprehensive. he said that a lot. i was on the phone going what, the one who's darker than obama? that's john boehner. i noticed that. stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the station where the hand basket to hell leads from. it's the "stephanie miller show." >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him.
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ stephanie: jeff is massachusetts sent us a bucket of slop, otherwise known as the republican congress. sitting in a bucket. >> oh, no! stephanie: ok. we're particularly susceptible to animalle votes on friday, we're tired. this for you awesome julie tell john democrats lack votes to pass filibuster reform. democrats do not have enough votes to institute the talking filibuster reformal. reid does not have the votes to make the rules change.
6:53 am
blah blah blah blah blah. >> well, he did. he did on the first day. normally you need 67 but on the first day, you need 51 votes. he could have done it. i'd love to see dick durbin be the majority leader. stephanie: there's a way. he's one of the only senators i've given a reach around to. it was a photo op. >> you played a little grab ass with him. stephanie: a little bit. hi you're on the show with john. caller: hi. can i give you a second. hi. can you hear me? yes. caller: hi. i want to make a quick comment about the hague he will nomination. stephanie: yes. >> i know it certainly looks like he's a beleaguured guy trying the oh get his man in there, but i wonder if he's not a mack very wellian genius. the secret to victory is not choosing a path to success, but
6:54 am
choosing that all paths lead to success. i warrant if he was thinking that here's this moderate republican, if i pick him and get him i look like a strong president and compromiser and reaching across the aisle and if i don't i get to see the republican eat their own. stephanie: that they're giving him this kind of hard time and accusing him of not reaching across the aisle right? john: it's really true. stephanie: the president. obama: on tuesday i laid out a plan for reigniting the engine of america's economic growth, and that is a thriving, growing
6:55 am
rising middle class. stephanie: and john boehner said nah. no. the headline voter no house action. yes. boehner said that's not going to happen, he foreclosed on the idea that the house will ok any of obama's proposals unless and until senate first and maybe not even then. >> he passes the buck. stephanie: the president likes to attack congress. what can he get past the united states senate. >> i think it lacked any new ideas. giving hope to the millions of americans asking the question, where are the jobs. >> where are the jobs. stephanie: he got tangled up in a ladder analogy. john: he can't get his runs straight. he keeps saying the government
6:56 am
can't create jobs and by the way, president, where are the jobs. stephanie: the president is not offering a ladder. you take the lower rung away. >> put in an escalator or elevator to get to the ladder. john: this guy, president obama in late 2011 put forth a jobs bill that was 60% tax cuts and they still killed it. they don't believe in anything they say. stephanie: yep. barbara in d.c., you're on with john. caller: hi. john: good morning. caller: i'm switching subjects a little bit. i'm getting torqued about the sequester. it amazing me that the republicans want to take the economy back into recession so, you know, if we go into the quester, here's my suggestion, we start with the republican congress. we lay off or furlough 20% of congress immediately. we will save money and we will
6:57 am
be able to get the bills passed. stephanie: yeah. yeah. caller: i would start with. caller: nhot, mccain, gram, cruise from texas myrtle the turtle. paul ryan, we could get a lot of stuff done. stephanie: it is amazing john how we said it's clear they both voted for it, both sides voted for paul ryan's bill to quester now saying look what the president. john: it's another snooze alarm. how many times can we have the fiscal cliff per month. this time, i think the republicans are going to let it go into effect, let these cuts happen. stephanie: buddy you're on the show. caller: hey, mama. you know the thing about this that is unprecedented with the hague he will acknowledge benghazi stuff i've seen this act before. it was called white water. seven years and $77 million into
6:58 am
the great b.j. hunt. what white water was, it was a money losing land deal for the clintons and then it got a life of its own and kept going and going. lindsey graham yaps about i haven't had my questions acknowledged. he's had his questions answered. stephanie: you bring up the crux of like the republican, when you think about that, how stunning that is, all of that taxpayer money they used. they lost money! wouldn't you think that it would be fishy if they made too much. caller: at the same time, they said we're concerned about the debt. lindsey graham got the answer to say his question, he just doesn't like the answers he got. the s.o.b., the only answer he wants is something that embarrasses the administration. john: exactly. caller: this is about hamstringing a democratically elected president. stephanie: they're trying to oh
6:59 am
string this out until hopefully something else, some shoe drops. >> they want to exploit the tragedy of benghazi for political gain and disgracing the americans lost there. most of them were protesting over this video. it's oh possible they had bad intel. but bad intel taking us into a war is fine. john: steph the website for the festival the traverse city festival is traverse i'll be there tomorrow. i'm performing with alan haidi tomorrow morning and doing the set lists show late tomorrow
7:00 am
night. if you're in the midwest you better come to traverse city. stephanie: i ran into him in the airport. chicago sexy liberal get tickets. stay tuned. right back on the "stephanie miller show."
7:01 am
♪ theme ♪
7:02 am
stephanie: hello, current tv hour number two. jacki sheckner, health care geek. >> yes. stephanie: here is something heart attack grill mascot patient john allman dies of... >> heart attack. >> wait, heart attack? >> the heart attack grill in las vegas. >> oh oh, it's called the heart attack grill. stephanie: he's their mascot, because he went there every day. >> what is the heart attack grill mascot look like? stephanie: a guy that would eat every day at the heart attack. it holds the world's record for most calories in a burger. he would visit on a daily basis and stood outside for hours trying to convince others to enter. >> 10,000-calories and all you need is a knife. stephanie: he's the second heart attack spokesman to perish in as many years. >> i hope we learned a lesson on that one. >> harry reid was shocked by
7:03 am
that one. >> they need senior salad. stephanie: senorita jacki in the current news bureau. >> senate republicans have blocked a confirm nation vote for now on chuck hagel becoming our next secretary of defense. it's the first time congress has used a filibuster to block a secretary of defense nominee. the vote will come up again in two weeks when the senate is back from recess. a white house statement calls out republicans for putting political posturing above national security and said the block is a waste of time, not without consequences. hagel would have attended next week's meeting in brussels where the future of afghanistan was up for discussion. here is harry reid. >> the republicans have made an unfortunate choice to up the level of destruction here in washington. just when you thought things couldn't get worse it gets worse. >> oh, we always think it can
7:04 am
get worse. there are no shortage of politicians that have gotten themselves in trouble on twitter. cohen has to clear up misconception saying the tweets he sent to a 24-year-old woman were in the what they seemed. the young woman is cohen's daughter and one he just found out about three years ago. she saw him on t.v. and he tweeted back to her say i go love you. well that sparked media speculation. cohen is single. people thought maybe he was having some sort of affair. he waited to share the stair with the press because first the young woman had to tell the man who raised her because she hadn't done that yet. we're back after the break. stay with us. compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the
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miller show." ♪ stephanie: happy friday. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from everywhere. lisa writes steph, long time listener, i was upset by road slam mary. she seemed cranky. it's time for a happy clappy outreach. i volunteer to spend time with her. i think if anyone can help save her from being cranky and ill informed it's you. i will treat her to breakfast or lunch at the restaurant of her
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choice. if that's too much, we can go for a cup of coffee or throw back some booze like most of your listeners i'm drunk almost every day. in the spirit of togetherness, sincerely, lisa in chicago. >> you know what? stephanie: maybe she could take mary to see. >> chicago twice isn't enough. the sexy liberal comedy tour is returning to the chicago theater on april 18. >> filthy mouths and bad tuesday. >> tickets are available at come see the tour. >> who can argue with that. >> the sexy liberal comedy tour at the chicago theater. sweet home chicago is about to get a little more sugar from mama. stephanie: pardon me, i was doing placement with the album.
7:10 am
stephanie: he was shocked shocked by republican in the senate why? >> don't don't. >> syllables. stephanie: hey steph obama rocks. as a card carrying lesbian i'm disturbed by how much in love with joe biden i am, but i've been watching him the entire time. he kills me. stephanie: i understand, i was just charmed by him in person at the inauguration. the man is charm. it's crazy. >> he's a big deal. stephanie: he is. ok. >> there's a greats picture of him in the west wing when we got a tour of the white house. stephanie: i was very well spoken as i normally an when
7:11 am
confronted by someone very big in person. i said oh oh oh, mr. vice president, i got to testify in front of you when you were a senator about talk radio and blah blah and he was like that's right, i never forget a beautiful women. i was like drr drr. i literally said some version of that. [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] stephanie: ok, and a little back up from dawn. mama next time chris teases you about your dusty eggs insisting you'll never know the joy of sending your youngest child to buy box wine, here's hope. seventy year woman gives birth. so there! >> she had eggs? that's a long gestation period. stephanie: right? damn, i could crank those suckers up. >> no. you are never going to have
7:12 am
juicy eggs ever again. stephanie: you don't know. let's dive into the right wing world. bill o'reilly. >> the ma campaign was successful in demonizing mitt romney, defining him at out of touch, rich guy who doesn't care about the folks. the governor was not able to counter that propaganda campaign. the left has learned a very important lesson. marginalize your opponent early and often. enter marco rubio who took a drink of water. that gave the propaganda people on the left, so you can see what's in play. let's diminish him make had i am a buff fun so he will not be able to challenge. >> it's politics, get rid of it. stephanie: he's a buff fun. he fell into the orchestra pit for god's sakes. the most damning thing during the campaign was mitt romney caught on tape being mitt
7:13 am
romney. no propaganda. where do folks get the idea he's a rich out of touch guy that doesn't care about the folks. >> doesn't care about the folks. >> he cares about bill o'reilly. stephanie: yeah. i've debated her a couple of times. >> marco rubio delivered a powerful rebuttal this week. but you wouldn't know it from the mainstream media fictionatedden oh the fact that he needed a drink of water and that nbc's cable news operation played it over 150 times and thinks that it could actually hurt his career. this is a big discontraction because he is a rising star, so lets just focus on the gulp of water heard around the world. >> you depend on him to save your party. stephanie: saviors supposed to walk on water not n gulping ]
7:14 am
stephanie: when it makes it to late night shows it's not a partisan thing. it was just a spectacularly awkward human moment. you can't tell me republicans didn't watch and go oh, god really, it's like watching your kid screw up in a play. oh, no. >> sweet jesus! stephanie: just when they think they're inching back a little, time magazine and rehabilitating the republican party. oh no! oh. >> great. >> sweet jesus. >> that wasn't the worst thing. he was railing against entitlements while praising medicare. idiots. stephanie: except for my family, which works perfectly well. oh yeah, ok. brian killmeade. >> you don't see anybody stand up. there's no john mccainen oh the left saying this is where i
7:15 am
agree with the president this is where i don't. there's just one guy. they've got everybody on a leash. stephanie: i don't even understand that. >> why are the departments criticizing their own guy? stephanie: they are in as much disarray as we are. they agree with most of the american people who agree with the president on many of the issues. >> we don't need to disagree with the president. stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> here we are into the fifth year and obama's not president. he's a revolutionary, he's a crusader fighting powerful percents that don't care about global warming that don't want illegals to become citizens, that don't want people to be treated humanely. they're not worried about global warming, in terms of all the gun violence. stephanie: hmm. >> what was the point of that exactly? stephanie: i don't know. >> obama's not president he's a
7:16 am
revolutionary. stephanie: that's what i caught, it was a talking point like record skipping. >> why is cheney approving of drones. stephanie: it was like a talking point record like on a 45. [ stuttering ] stephanie: maybe he's not live. maybe that's what they're trying to cover up, right? maybe it's just the same talking points. >> he's max headroom. >> he hasn't been live since that unpleasant drug thing. stephanie: somebody's in trouble over running that thing up at premier. something's skipping. [ stuttering ] stephanie: route and speed when he discovers that it's, you know, a recording it's not live, the picture of the bus right? >> you really don't have a reference of a movie past 1993, do you? stephanie: no, i haven't been out. >> oh, boy. stephanie: is that bad?
7:17 am
>> remember that time in birth of a nation when lillian gish. stephanie: remember the first talk key. >> somebody set out to decimate our military. they wanted to destroy it, weaken it, incapacitate our military. this is exactly how you would do it. president obama is following a destroy the military scheme to the t. he does not like military. he detests the military. the feeling is actually mutual, and women in combat is going to be another nail in the coffin. >> so chicks in combat is destroying america. >> right. stephanie: a lot of women want to go into combat. >> like israel. it's not involuntary. >> it's a volunteery army, do
7:18 am
have fuss. >> questions have been raised about obama's c.i.a. nominee by an f.b.i. agent that claims the nominee, john brennan is an islamic convert with decades old connections to the most anti american vair currents of the religion. >> right. >> i will tell you i don't know if this is true or not. i will tell that you there is so much in john brennan's background that should be questioned that this is plausible. >> sharia law. >> if somebody makes a charge like that, shouldn't we explore it before putting him as the chief of all intelligence.
7:19 am
>> maybe explore it before mouthing off about it. stephanie: go on the water slide in that crazy town you're building make sure it's operating correctly. >> he doesn't care, there are no rules in there no regulations come on. >> i have the softest apples in town. stephanie: 17 minutes after the hour. that concludes another rye outous right wing world. >> she puts the broad back in broadcasting. it's the "stephanie miller show."
7:20 am
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪
7:24 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> don't get enough jewel lately. stephanie: 22 minutes after the hour 1-800-steph-1-2. a meteor blast injuries 500 in russia. why won't the president lead, jim? >> why won't the president lead in busting up asteroids? where's bruce willis, to an air mow smith song. stephanie: i was watching an old superman movie. he flies up and blows an oil slick back into the boat, fixes it and we woulds it with his eyes. why didn't obama do that? >> actually the footage of that meteor is amazing. holy cow it looks like a movie.
7:25 am
stephanie: i know. it's going to miss the earth. >> the asteroids going to miss the earth but not the moor. stephanie: i'm just saying that because of my life. you're relieved, bless your heart. >> you're relied, good on you. stephanie: hey manner knee. caller: i can't believe i got through. i saw you in seattle. stephanie: yay. caller: i'm watching with the dog, who loves you, as well. stephanie: thank you. caller: i'm calling something gun control, which i know you're not talking about to do. stephanie: oh oh, yes, we are. caller: the last shooting was really -- really hit home for all the school psychologists that i work with, because one of our own was locked in that. the idea of putting guns in the schools to make schools safer is absolutely beyond my comprehension, and i think i would have to change careers if that was something that actually happened. stephanie: yeah. i would think most teachers
7:26 am
would. you know that's not what they're trained to do or want to do. you'd have to be rambo. it would have to be on you at all times right? caller: youth have to be packing at all times. i roam the schools a lot always getting kids out of classrooms to do testing and what not which is also a part of, you know we don't have proper funding, so cool psychologistles spend way too much time testing and in meetings talking about testing when we are truly mental health providers that we haven't the time necessarily to preferred the mental health services that we're trained to do. stephanie: yep. caller: so that's what -- stephanie: as the only sakologies i happen to have on the phone right in you i want the get your reaction, nancy pelosi said john boehner is projecting his own failures because he's too weak to stand up to the right wing of his party. caller: i concur.
7:27 am
i can see that. stephanie: ok, and i'm guessing penis envy. i'm just getting. nancy pelosi said he was projecting any lack of being able to pass any bill. he hasn't been able to deal with his own party. he has a wildly uncontrollable caucus. just peeing on the walls. >> sure. stephanie: like crazy. stephanie: there isn't anything that he passed that we haven't delivered the votes for that has been job-creating. i think she's absolutely right. send mitch. >> this is not a solution. even they know it can't pass, that's the idea. it's a political stunt designed to mask the fact they've offered
7:28 am
no solutions. stephanie: you voted for that was personally your idea. >> so what's your point. >> that paul ryan sponsored. stephanie: i brought a bag of lettuce. i'm tempted for jim to do the poll impression and the boehner. >> the quester is there because the president insisted that it be there. where's the president's plan to replace the quester that he insisted upon. [ mumbling ] stephanie: touchy, touchy, ok. albert in tucson, welcome. caller: good morning mama and mook. i have an idea about the republican filibuster of chuck hagel's nomination. they filibuster's him and went on recess with an important nato meeting coming next week. i think obama should make an appointment, a recess appointment on chuck hagel and just to put a thumb in the eye
7:29 am
of the republicans in particular lindsey graham and john mccain. stephanie: that's the thing. he's not going to have to do that. he's going to oh be confirmed. that's why this is such a show. he's going to be confirmed. ok. gigi in denver. caller: good morning how are you guys? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i was wondering i have been watching you since the election time, and i love you guys to death. i love you love you love you but i was wondering if the american people have any type of -- the way the republicans are filibustering and not helping president obama get the country backen oh track is there anything in the constitution that can force them to do their job instead of all this grandstanding and lying that they're doing? stephanie: well, no.
7:30 am
caller: they don't have any recourse. stephanie: i don't think the founding fathers foresaw this level of obstructionism. people just, you know, they did not care about their freshness back then. >> or showers. stephanie: hi carolyn. caller: good morning. i listen to your show every day. i was listening yesterday and one of the pro gun callers was talking about nobody gets out raged when someone dies as a result of malpractice. stephanie: right which a., not true butted. caller: no see the thing is if somebody dice as a result of malpractice, you can sue the doctor. >> right. caller: you can sue the hospital. if a bartender serves booze to an obviously drunk person, and
7:31 am
that person goes and gets into an accident and someone is injured, you can sue the bartender, but you are not permitted, because they slipped something in in 2005, you are not allowed by law to sue a gun manufacturer. stephanie: even if it's a bad actor, who knows that he's selling to straw purchasers. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ you know the kind of guys who do like verse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
7:32 am
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i don't know what it is about you this evening. maybe it's the way the light
7:36 am
hits your eyes, maybe it's the wine, but you look puffy. you should go home and sleep. ♪ >> edgar winter. stephanie: yeah. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. let's go to wes in nevada, welcome. caller: hey, good morning. stephanie: hi, good morning. caller: i tried to call you yesterday and wish you a happy valentine's day. stephanie: a wind chill w. caller: because i think you are intelligent, witty and a beautiful woman. if i was fort years younger i'd be chasing you around. stephanie: awesome awesome news. and you'd still be 40 years too late, i love you with, though. caller: i got a couple of quick points i want to make. first, when you're still talking about the democrats trying the hurt the military, they need to go back and listen to eisenhower back in 1959 talking about the mill stare industrial complex and how it hurts our country to
7:37 am
have those people trying to do our foreign policy. the next thing i wanted to say was the reason rubio's thing on the t.v. there went so viral and everybody watched it 1,000 times is because he acted like he was shoplifting the water from a convenience store. [ laughter ] stephanie: he did. i said it looked like winona ryder on the security camera the. hmm? total deer in the headlights. >> he was in part talking about how the c.i.a., against his wishes sent up another u.2 flight because he kruschev were to meet. the c.i. asacriad it up. stephanie: historical fun fact. and the fact i learned from that, the largest percentage of people that want to date me and
7:38 am
kiss me, really straight, old drunk men. >> sure. stephanie: story of my life. >> if he was 40 years younger that would make him 90. stephanie: greg writes steph. >> if i was 40 years younger i'd remember where i left my cheese. >> i want to make sure you waited for me when i got back from the peliponesian war. the senate is waiting because they don't have all of hagel's financial records. isn't this the same people that said mitt romney's tax returns are none of our business? we're told to shut up, now they want full disclosure. [ applause ] >> well, you can see why the republicans are upset by a hard left liberal com my -- wait a minute chuck hagel's a republican. interesting. stephanie: you absolutely need to talk about the war and kicking ass and taking names at
7:39 am
the senate on bank oversights. he attached a story. he was going to come on and talk about it, but couldn't because -- >> he's getting married. >> i'm getting married in the morning. >> and sneeze on my valentine's week. >> he'll talk to you after his honeymoon. nobody help me, i will call my own wham wambulance. stephanie: all right. yeah, if you listen to this description of this hearing, this is exactly what we knew we were getting with elizabeth warren. scolds u.s. regulators for settling cases.
7:40 am
looking at the seven regulators, knowing she often sat at the same witness table before coming a senator she said the question i really want to ask is about how tough you are. give me the raft two times you have taken the financial institutions oh trial. a handful of supporters burst into applause, but none of the witnesses offered a response. anybody? anybody? >> sounds like they're not doing their job. >> she did the harvard professor look over her glasses. republicans had been expected to attack the government agency whose creation warren championed, but the republicans without explanation held back, clearing the path for her to take the spotlight. they were ascared. she made their nut sack ascend.
7:41 am
that's republicans around elizabeth warren. >> what you are doing? stephanie: how do i get these back down. >> where did they go? stephanie: i like the who's in whoville. republican nut sack. >> we are here, we are here. stephanie: if a party is unwilling to go to trial because they're too timid or lack resources, they have a lot less leverage. if banks can break the law and settle paying out of those profits, they don't have that much incentive to follow the law they sought to avoid answering her questions. one said we've had a fair amount of consent orders. we don't have to bring people to trial. >> i appreciate that you say you don't have to bring people to trial. my question is when did you bring them to trial. ♪ stephanie: hang on, back to the script. another point, their woman of
7:42 am
the securities and exchange commission said we look at the distinction between what we can get going to trial or what we don't. >> i appreciate that. that's what everybody does. the question i'm really asking, can you identify when you last took the wall street bankers to trial? i want the truth. >> you want answers i think i'm entitled. stephanie: she said i'll have to get back to you with specific information. i will have to gather that information and. >> get back to ya. >> i'll try to find it and bring it to ya. >> she makes a woman's nut sacks ascend and that's hard to do. >> wow. stephanie: u.s. attorneys out there every day she said squeezing ordinary citizens on very thin grounds and taking them to trial to make an example. i'm concerned too big to fail has become too big for trial and that seems wrong for me. one witness said it was a breath
7:43 am
of fresh air and a message to other senators that they need to up their game. >> she got a standing ovation. ♪ ♪ stephanie: rock on, senator warren. ok. ok. >> we don't have to take them to trial. why should we take them to trial? can we have our nut sacks back? stephanie: bruce in maine you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, bruce. caller: i had a question. i have a 38 plymouth. stephanie: wow! caller: i can tell when it was manufactured, where it was manufactured, what dealership it was sold to, and every single person that owned the vehicle until i got it. stephanie: right. caller: now we're talking about these straw purchases for guns and i know everybody's afraid of the federal government, but why
7:44 am
are we talking about background checks? what about registering the gun? i buy the gun from a dealer, i register it. if i buy 40 guns from the dealer and then some drug guy who isn't supposed to have it has the gun i'm screwed, unless i reported it stolen. if it was registered like my old car. stephanie: yep. i think the more important question is where do you get parts for that sucker? caller: well, you can get the parts. >> on ebay. stephanie: oh! but anyway, very good point. >> i how does one keep a car like that from rusting in maine. stephanie: such a good point on gun control, and i'm focused on -- you can't get the pahts
7:45 am
from here. >> because i don't know the pahts. stephanie: janet hey. caller: can't wait to see you guys in chicago. i'm coming to madison. stephanie: april road trip. >> what are we going to do? road trip. stephanie: hi, janet, go ahead. caller: i just wanted to talk about women in combat positions. women have been there for years and not getting combat pay. stephanie: like tammy duckworth. caller: my cousin is a mechanic in the air force and she had to go with the teams when they fly. she slept under the f.16 guarding them. if that's not front line, i don't know what is. stephanie: absolutely. that binges, not me, other women with courage i'm all for them serving. not me. i'm a scaredy. >> you can do the radio shows there. stephanie: i can do the vietnam
7:46 am
character. >> do troops like fart jokes? >> i have a snappy abadabad. >> waziz. >> abadabad. abadabad. abadabad. stephanie: there like why she is talking about like that. >> why does she have a cold? why do they put her on the air with a cold. >> how about you get a kleenex a tissue? something. [ laughter ] stephanie: sorryism sorry i have a virus story. i can see you had a difficult valentine's day. stephanie: yes, look most of them u i want to be your official progressive lesbian
7:47 am
mother. stephanie: ok! caller: to talk about the things you cannot talk about with your republican heterosexual mother. stephanie: certain details. caller: i had a virus myself on valentine's day. stephanie: aww i'll call you with the stuff that would make my mother say oh oh, dear. i don't need those jokes. all right. 45 minutes after the hour. oh dear. >> she should be hanging out with lindsey graham. >> announcer: fresh republican outrage. you keep listening she'll make more. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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>> announcer: steph stephanie miller. stephanie: can in downer's grove said no more listening while putting on makeup. i just about stabbed myself with a mascara wanted when you talked about republican nut sacks. stephanie: don't be a downer. [ laughter ] stephanie: david in ashville on senator warren, david. caller: hi, stephanie. as you guys were talking about senator warren and what she's doing now that she's on the banking committee there's an
7:53 am
interesting parallel in history. all senator warren wanted to do was be head of the consumer protection financial bureau that she came up with. because they hated her so much. stephanie: now she has more power. [ laughter ] caller: here's a parallel in history. stephanie: yeah, for about. caller: the jewish people. >> yiddish is not norwegian. caller: jewish people pointed to detroit when henry ford got started. all they wanted to do was go to work for 10 bucks a week. because ford was so anti semitic, he wouldn't hire them. they are forced to become doctors and lawyers and became polyayres when all they wanted to do was go to work for 10 bucks a week. it's just a beautiful parallel.
7:54 am
>> people had a portrait of henry ford. stephanie: an hour and 52 minutes into the show. stephanie: you're flipping jim. you know the republican war on women, did you see freedom works made a sex video featuring hillary clinton and a panda. that's a republican skit humor. freedom works made a video featuring a woman in a panda group having sex with a fake hillary. the plans to have a conference were scrapped. someone said you know what, maybe this is inappropriate. >> a panda? turkey? turkey? stephanie: two fee female interns played the part. a giant panda is on it's knees with the head in the lap of a
7:55 am
purported hillary clinton. >> what was the point of that? stephanie: the group staffers were outraged and stunned. how is that not some form of sexual harassment, noting the two female interns had been asked to act out a pretend sex scene and there were going to be conservatives. this is a terrible sexual harassment. i'm sorry, is that a giant panda? >> the onlile reason it's inappropriate is because there were going to be christian people there. stephanie: not because it was inappropriate to the secretary of state. >> who are these people? stephanie: who are these people? anthony in vegas you're on the stephanie miller show. caller: thank you for taking my call. first, that is a little bit funny, you've got to say. reminds me of a south park episode when they talked about hillary clinton having a snook.
7:56 am
it's a little bit funny you've got to admit. stephanie: i don't think somehow it had the layers of satire that south park does. caller: the gun issue it's 97% of gun violence that happens it's handguns, right? stephanie: i don't have that statistic in front of me, but yeah obviously handguns are a part of the problem. caller: it was chicago that had like 500 plus murders with handguns, i will and and the tragic story about the young girl who was murdered who attended obama's inauguration. the point i'm getting at is that i think we get too hung up over the issue of assault rifles, it becomes a partisan issue and neither side will never agreen oh anything. >> well, the point is having these huge magazines.
7:57 am
he doesn't stop to reload. stephanie: i mean, it's, you know, it's part of the problem. we talked today about the statistics of suicide and how much, you know, astronomically the access to a gun for suicide. get it, come and get your gun. >> annie. stephanie: paula -- he what, are you kidding? i'm too lays. paula from gary, indiana you're on the "stephanie miller show." caller: good morning, stephanie, thanks for taking my call. stephanie: thank you, go ahead. caller: you know what, i was so happy last year when i discovered current t.v. and i didn't have to watch jerk joe and jamika in the morning anymore. it was wonderful. look, this lapierre, the gop and
7:58 am
right now i'm really ticked off with harry reid. you know how occasionally you can help the ignorant, ok. stephanie: right. caller: but you can't fix stupid. [ laughter ] caller: and you can put all of their brains in a bird and the bird would fly backwards. stephanie: are those indiana expressions? [ laughter ] stephanie: they are charming. all right, still cracking me up and she's said them a million times. larry, youren oh the "stephanie miller show." hi larry. caller: hi, stephanie, how are you today? stephanie: hi,. caller: there's one overarcking issue binges on all the topics, the congressional reelection. everybody, job number one in the primaries is get reelected. if we put term limits on, it can take away so much of the influence of these outside money
7:59 am
and agencies and other things. we give six or eight years of one term. no campaigns when you're there. you do the job you were sent to washington to do and then you go home. it's time to think about something like that. stephanie: yep yep, you know, i think if their approval rating gets any lower can we make the terms like a week. >> you're done. you've done enough damage, get out. stephanie: get out. >> stop it. stephanie: this is hard, get in the ring, all right now get out of the ring. >> this is hard, you want to try it get in the ring. this is hard. stephanie: getting out of the ring is new jersey senator who will not seek reemelection. on our facebook page is justice me going like that. >> oh, boy. >> that was another irma gird
8:00 am
picture. he will not seek reelection. cory booker has expressed interest in latenburg's seat. right back with representative greg meeks and more as we continue on the "stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
♪ theme ♪
8:02 am
stephanie: hello hour number three, happy friday, everybody. jacki sheckner, are you pro cruising or not? i have not asked you. >> i have been on i think three cruises during the course of my lifetime. stephanie: really? it seems like a hell on earth. >> it depends on the line and the ship itself and on the company. stephanie: i love that i think the c.e.o. they said was going to go onboard to personally apologize. i was picturing them making him walk the plank. do they still do that? >> i can see that happening in this scenario. the $500 seems like such a slap in the face. stephanie: or here's another cruise. >> i don't want to take a store credit if i'm angry at a store. >> they give them $500 apiece. >> that's nothing. and a new cruise. >> do they make them sign that they wouldn't sue. >> and a refund for this cruise.
8:03 am
>> not good enough for me. stephanie: here she is, jacki sheckner in the current news center. >> narc mayor michael bloomberg is big on the ban first smoking and bars and restaurants then transfats and super size sodas. now he's going after plastic foam used in take out boxes trays and cups. he made the announcement during his 12th and final state of the city address saying the material doesn't break down and it's pricey. it increases the cost of recycling by $20 a ton because it has to be removed. >> styrofoam increases the cost of recycling by $20 per ton because it has to be removed something we know is environmentally destructive and easily replaceable. i think it's something we can do without. >> the mayor needs the city council's approval to ban something it is likely to do. president obama is trying to
8:04 am
diversify the federal bench but republicans making it hard for him to do that. the president isn't getting his judicial picks through the senate because they've been stalling allowing 30 hours of debate on district nominees. a too bipartisan agreement would drop that to two hours and speed up the process. we know how well these agreements have been going for. half the presidential nominees have waited more than 100 days to be confirmed when experts pointed out these people don't get their cases heard backs up the legal process and makes it all more expensei. we're back after the break. stay with us. (vo) next, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege.
8:05 am
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen it's
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the stephanie miller show. ♪ stephanie: happy friday, six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. obviously big state of the union week and the marco rubio moment, waterloo, it was his waterloo. representative meeks joins us to talk about what's going on. caller: good morning stephanie. >> what did you think of the state of the union? i thought it was amazing. caller: i thought it was absolutely fantastic. i thought that the president was articulating what most every american, he was articulating what makes america great and what we need to do to continue
8:09 am
on that path. to be quite honest with you, i can't see how anyone, democratic republican, or independent cannot agree with what the president was talking about. he was talking about making sure every child that prek. and immigration reform and infrastructure and creating jobs. isn't that what we are about? >> representative, but you're absolutely right. you're backed up by the pollening when you say you can't imagine why people are. people are for that and yet here's our friend john boehner saying none of that will get done. caller: that's what has to be pointed out. people talk about the dysfunction in washington d.c., but if john boehner would just allow the vote to hit the floor which the president was talking about, lids have a vote, let's have up and down votes on all of these issues, because if they don't hold the votes hostage so they can't hit the floor, they would get passed, because it would be hard for members of congress democrats and
8:10 am
republicans not to vote for these issues. that's why he tries to block them to keep them off the floor. let's have a vote up or down, that's the appropriated thing to do. stephanie: representative, there's a great piece in the daily beast it reads a lot of commentators point out very few of the goals are likely to make it into goal while he's in office. he's a pretty is that right man thinking more about history than his story and because he understands he wants to be a transformational president, but the change he initiates is going to have to continue well past his time. i think he is truly putting things out not because he knows for sure, contain get the assault ban or can i not it's because it's the right thing to do, a president leads right? >> absolutely. what happens is also what he does is by saying, you know, because it had been for so long, and some folks are saying government is no good and government doesn't help people. surely he's not going to get everything he wants this time, but allow that mentality to stay
8:11 am
when government has helped so many individuals and can continue to play a part of the role and that's why generally people have looked at our government in such high esteem. it's only us saying get in the government and bad things have happened. stephanie: the more unfortunate thing about rubio's water drinking is it obscured the fact that he made such a contradictory case for how government is always bad but here's how it helped me and my family. caller: that's exactly right. if government helped him and his family, shouldn't it be allowed to help others? we should always be reaching down and helping somebody up, as oh oh poled to i got mine, i'm not going to led you climb the radder. that's what the president was talking about. how everybody can climb the ladder. i would not be a member of congress today if it weren't for public education. i grew up in public housing.
8:12 am
my parents were very poor, moving up to new york. but at that time, the civil rights movement, changing the government making sure i was able to have access to decent and good education is how i pulled up. i don't want that ladder to fall. that should be extended to another group of individuals that can climb up on it. stephanie: this is what the president said recently. people are not looking for a hand out, they are looking for a hand up. caller: what the president talked about even increasing the minimum wage, here are individuals who are working full time every day of the week, and we're going to say that it's ok for them, the minimum wage at least should be attached to inflation? that's crazy. it should be, because it is difficult for individuals to make it. it is those individuals or maybe their children that will have the next idea that is going to do something to be fantastic in this country and they've got to be included. that's basically what he's talking about. stephanie: when you talk about him, you members him talking about getting universal
8:13 am
preschool, i know there was one brilliant educator quoted as saying holy smokes, that's how good the president's plan is. you look at it, reading this piece, universal preschool is a fact of life in most oced countries and will come to pass in this one. the president is looking at what we should be doing in this country, whether it gets done on his watch or not. caller: that is absolutely correct. it's what the country should be aiming for a higher high, every child having access to pre-k that's a great goal. i don't see why somebody would be against that. stephanie: you hear the same rhetoric about minimum wage, it's going to hurt jobs. we have any amount of evidence and studies that say that's not the case, right. stephanie: caller: you've got to invest to create the jobs. that's what the president was talking about also. there's a lot of investment that has been lacking over the last nine, 10 years last 12 years
8:14 am
actually that we need to do in order to move forward. that's what the president is talking about. it's going to create jobs. he talked about his whole infrastructure program. it creates jobs. he's talking about, you know, making sure that we are advanced in technology and innovation, that creates jobs. if you don't invest in those areas, you're not going the oh give the opportunity to create the jobs and have the individuals that are going to oh come up with the next inventions. that's what he's talking about. stephanie: over 700 something bridges are under standard in the united states of america. i mean, it's just is that stuff that you just think again compared to around the world how substandarder, and why that's ok with people. particularly, like you said, it would create jobs. caller: listen, i just came back from the senate foreign affairs committee from china and taiwan and when you just look at the high speed trains they have and whole network they have compared to what we have here, it is
8:15 am
antiquated. we just redid a railroad system, how many jobs that would create and bring us back to the state we are truly behind many countries and technological advances because of that, because we're not investing in it. stephanie: right as the president said, you frame it in jobs, how many companies said they would come here. >> absolutely. stephanie: if we had the infrastructure. caller: i just in the that the president was as you said, looking toward the future, he's leading and i think that the polls show it. over 55% of americans agree with what the president talked about and we've just got to keep pressing the issue and shooting for those goals. i believe that we'll accomplish them in the long run. may not be in his term, however i also think that there's a possibility that americans will see what's happening and hopefully in two years, if they continue to be -- if the republicans continue to be obstructist and not passing anything, maybe we do have a turnover and we'll have a change in the house and we'll get some of these things done in his
8:16 am
term. stephanie: wouldn't that be something? representative gregory meeks also a pleasure, from the great state of new york. talk to you again soon. caller: i look forward to it. [ applause ] >> the exact number of bridges 700,000? >> not the that many! no about 700 which is still a lot. >> it's a lot. >> just one collapse. stephanie: in minneapolis exactly. i got ahold of this daily beast piece, it does make sense. they keep saying why won't the president lead, i don't understand. >> what was that? what did you just see? leadership. stephanie: what is not a waste of time is to use the pulpit to layout a vision for the future, fighting climate change, getting preschools helping with jobs,
8:17 am
they are probably not going to happen when they're in office, but they're going to happen. >> jack kennedy didn't walk on the moon, but he did make it happen. stephanie: thank you! that's the point of this piece. i mention the thing about every other country has universal preschool, blah blah blah, these things will happen and when they do, a a grateful country will look back in time and recognize the president who was first to take these issues seriously. this is confounding to those who think the president is supposed to play it safe. he inches towards those goals however he can. he doesn't take a conventional view of the political capitol. he's just asking for a vote. he knows if a vote is taken his position may with the assault weapons ban almost certainly
8:18 am
lose. if three are four of these things pass, great all the better, but if they pass in the eight years after he's done, everyone will know who put them in motion. >> that was a great piece. stephanie: we should post that. the daily beast. >> there's a magazine called better roads. they say that about 25% of america's bridges are earth structure ally deficient or obsolete. stephanie: america yeah! >> that would require mitt romney to pay his taxes!
8:19 am
that's not fair! stephanie: 17 minutes after the hour. we will talk about the carnival poop cruise passenger. >> they had to go through some additional hell. wait until you hear after this. stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> what is this, the quite zone? it's the steph any "stephanie miller show." the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's
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stephanie: dan in reno. caller: i work out of the gym here. it just so happens that sharon engle works out there every day. stephanie: ahh! does she trade chickens for her membership? caller: sips she's now one of the poster childs for the stupid party with a.k. murdoch and oh o'donnell, i wanted to say something to her. there's no better place to find good ideas than with you guys. >> i think there are better places to find good ideas. stephanie: we're not technically a think tank. >> i'm pretty sure she did not shoot a man to watch him die. stephanie: we wish to enter a
8:25 am
correction. someone was absolutely right jim, it is not 700 bridges, it is 70,000 bridges are substandard. that was what the president said in his speech, so even more america [bleep] yeah, 70,000 bridges not up to code. >> infrastructure. the "stephanie miller show" show regrets the error. stephanie: indeed we do. is that what they're calling it, the darnell poop cruise? they reached land safely, rescue bus breaks down. >> oh! stephanie: i'm so happy someone had a worse week than me. >> yeah. stephanie: if you were one of the passengers on the carnival triumph poop cruise, passengers disembarked, got a hug and put on buses and one of those buses
8:26 am
broke down. one described the ship as rem in it sent of a hat port a potty. >> pooping in a bag. stephanie: you had to use red bags -- oh, no, if you wanted to use the restroom. if you wanted to redneck it, you had to use the sink. >> oh! like in bridesmaids? stephanie: get away from me! >> here's $500. no. stephanie: you can smell the feces through every single hallway. >> that's not in the brochure. stephanie: i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. >> in the morning, in the evening. stephanie: we've got to salute those fine americans who made it through the carnival poop cruise. [ farting sounds ] stephanie: hey! ♪ stephanie: ok, all right ok, all right. >> it's worse than a bag of
8:27 am
vipers. stephanie: or a bag of glass. >> oh, god. stephanie: yikes! >> i'm never going on a cruise again. >> that's where you met your wife! >> true. stephanie: that was better than a bag of poop. >> yeah. stephanie: a seattle coffee shop fired a barrista who started a daily blog about the tribulation of his job. how hard can it be to get a job as a barrista in seattle? go next door, or next door to that, or next to that. it's impossible to lose your job in a coffee shop. >> he was fired for his anonymous bitter blog. one post read i would remember your usual drink if you are a more memorable person he.
8:28 am
>> he sounds like an a-hole. i think he deserved to get fired. >> guess what? michael bloomberg announced yesterday those arrested in new york city for small amounts of marijuana, marijuana cigarettes. >> marijuana cigarettes. stephanie: will no longer have to spend the night in jail. you will no longer have to be a loser towny guy. [ laughter ] stephanie: smoking marijuana cigarettes and getting baked. ok. hey, here's something else. michael bloomberg might have been right about. coroner said coca-cola addiction responsible for woman's death. >> if you drink three-gallons of it a day. stephanie: she drank two and a half gallons a day. edly, she had a number of health problems including rotten
8:29 am
teeth, cardiac arrhythmia and a full blown cola addiction. i understand the nanny state stuff. i'm saying he's right about the smoking. we have an obesity thing. >> rich in santa fe, you're on the "stephanie miller show." caller: hi, the cruise thing those people had to go to alabama, that's the worst part. gun violence, in chicago this black on black crime if you're right wing, there's a lot of that talk. my question is pertaining to chuck hagel when is republican on republican crime going to start in this country. stephanie: that was a drive by. ok alan in wisconsin. welcome. caller: how are you guys doing this morning? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i have a quick comment. you played the clip about boehner talking about how the sequester was the president's
8:30 am
idea. stephanie: right. caller: since when do boehner or any republicans listen to what obama said? stephanie: right. caller: it did you mean founds me. stephanie: if it was his idea, you'd know they'd be against it. caller: and their idea, sheet be tout be it. anything obama is for they're against. yesterday, in illinois, the illinois senate passed. stephanie: gay marriage, marriage equality. caller: what are your thoughts on what is going to happen at the supreme court this summer? stephanie: i met someone who's a harvard educated lawyer this week. the mr. lawyers i talked to, the more they seam seem really confident that marriage equal i couldn't tell isity is goingto pass.
8:31 am
they don't want to be on the wrong side of must. all right, thank you honey. all right, 29 minutes after the hour. we have to talk about that. it's big it's huge. >> huge. stephanie: not just france this week illinois, marriage equality right? 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
8:32 am
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stephanie: happy friday. 34 minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2. richard in pennsylvania, your on the "stephanie miller show." ry richard. caller: hi, stephanie. thank you very much for taking my call. stephanie: you're welcome. >> i know i'm limited for time. i just want to say that i'm for -- i'm against gun control. i'm a gun owner. stephanie: of any kind? ism well, no. that was my -- but that's the point i'm getting to? ok. caller: if you told me, stephanie, and i'm not speaking for anyone myself, but i know the feelings of many other people if you told me that i should not have an automatic weapon, no problem and i think 90% of the people. stephanie: so you are for gun control, see we're already magically in agreement. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] caller: the problem is it's a
8:37 am
trust issue. no one really believes that it's going to stop there. most gun owners know that that's not where it's going to stop. stephanie: richard, you know politically, there's very little chance we're going to get an assault weapons ban so that's ridiculous, the slippery slope argument. they're not even going to get to that. what are you saying, they're going to ban all guns if we ban assault weapons. caller: let me tell you why i think that. stephanie: ok. caller: i don't know if you ever heard of this other radio show called kill me and friends. stephanie: that's very republican, yes. caller: all right that's odd. >> he's from fox news. caller: i called in his show and he's against guns, ok? he is against guns. he is anti gun. >> he is not anti-gun. caller: judging my comment he was. i basically told him that as far as the assault weapon ban, i said it's not going to do or
8:38 am
here's what it's going to lead to. you're telling me that if i agree, that ok, we can ban this weapon, it carries a 20 round magazine, but it's ok to carry a 10 round magazine. how long will it be before someone with a 10 round magazine goes and does something crazy? >> that doesn't make him anti-gun. stephanie: that's not the point. richard, people are looking for things that would help. it would help if people had to reload in these massacres. these massacres are worse and worse because they have higher shooting capacity. >> that's how they stopped the shooter in tucson. stephanie: why are hunter regulations, you can only have three shots when you're shooting ducks? caller: that's what i'm saying. i think 90% of the gun owners you the there, the hunters the people -- you go to a range in pennsylvania, you can only load three rounds at a timen oh the target range. stephanie: i'm not sure what
8:39 am
we're arguing about because i think we agree. i'm not sure what you're saying. caller: i'm only speaking for myself on this, i guess, but my fear is that it is a slippery slope and that's based on the logic of the argument. i could take, if i'm going to do something evil, stephanie, i could take four magazines with 10 rounds in them. stephanie: you would have to reload. that's how jared loughner got stopped. >> when he was reloading and that's how more people weren't killed in tucson. stephanie: hes a dove. >> he's anti gun because he doesn't think all of us should be armed to the teeth with every single weapon possible. stephanie: mike in chicago hello, mike. caller: how are you? stephanie: good, go ahead.
8:40 am
caller: i'm going over the president's speech and i was just reading through it. he's talking about 70,000 bridges. stephanie: 700 -- or see now i'm wrong. 70,000 yes. caller: i'm just curious, other than union jobs, what jobs is he going to create? stephanie: it's going to help that a bridge doesn't fall on your head. >> rebuild our infrastructure. caller: i get he that. i thought that's why we passed the $800 billion stimulus plan. stephanie: it doesn't all go for bridge infrastructures. there are 70,000 bridges not up to code. where is the downside to fixing the bridges and creating the american jobs, where's the downside? caller: less than 7% have the wokers in this country are union. >> what do unions have to do with it. stephanie: why does this always have to do with unions are bad? what is ok about 70,000 bridges in america being under standard? have you talked to anybody in minneapolis, where the bridge collapsed? caller: there's nothing wrong
8:41 am
with fixing the brings. i'm just saying. stephanie: as long as we don't use anyin wokers. caller: no, everywhere you go, you have to be a union steelworker, cement worker. >> not everywhere you go, arizona's a right to work state. you don't have to be union there. caller: what worker, what are they going to pay those workers? $10 an hour to work there. if you don't know how to build a bridge, you can't just go to ohio and say i'm going to build a bridge. stephanie: there's something wrong with being properly trained and in a union that protects your rights? caller: i'm saying you're not going to create the jobs you need to create. >> so you shouldn't try. caller: if i'm a bridge rare guy, i'm not going to hire 50 guys, i'm going to hire one or two, because i've already got a crew of guys that aren't working. >> what is the downside. stephanie: so your solution, don't do anything, let the bridges stay substandard until
8:42 am
they fall. >> and kill people. stephanie: i'm not arguing with you. i'm not saying that. >> i'm not arguing with you. >> he couldn't point the a downside. stephanie: i just gave up. sometimes i don't win or lose an argument. i just give in. >> yogee his point. is he saying we shouldn't have union workers? stephanie: i couldn't get to the point. that's the problem. so we just shouldn't try. >> send dollars an hour is suggested minimum wage. if you're building a bridge, you're probably going to be making more than that. it requires some expertise. by the way when you're telling these little stories here's a good idea. have a point, it makes it so much more interesting for the listener. stephanie: i'm not arguing with you about that. >> i'm not arguing with you about that. stephanie: have you ever been an an argument with your significant other and i don't even know what we're talking about anymore. >> i don't know what i'm talking
8:43 am
about. stephanie: someone please argue with me, because i don't know what we're talking about. are we agreeing? ok, dave in california, we're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, dave. >> yeah, stephanie. just want to make a comment about the way these contractors bid on these infrastructure jobs. you know, most of the bridge -- the cantilever section up here in san francisco bay was assembled in china and brought on barges and resembled by structural engineers, but by the time they got finished playing politics with that bridge, i took them 10 and a half years or longer to put that bridge back together after the roma earthquake, if you remember. you know it's a big political chinese checker game they're playing with these bridges, and the infrastructure and money and everything like this. until we can figure out. stephanie: that's got to be fixed for sure. caller: yeah, until we can
8:44 am
figure out how to stop the political games with all these contractors and lobbyists we're not going to fix this problem in this country. >> yep yep. caller: that's the biggest problem. the other comment i want to make is you mentioned term limits earlier. well, we have term limits in california, and it's not working in california. the term limits aren't working because most of those politicians that get elected move into other positions in sacramento and stay in office in one way or another. that's what i wanted to bring up, also, thank you. stephanie: thank you. thank you. >> i had a neighbor who was into construction. he said as soon as they started bringing chinese parts everything was substandard. the. >>s got stripped so much more easily and it's really ruined the whole business. stephanie: i hate when your screw gets stripped.
8:45 am
>> then you're screwed. stephanie: ryan, go ahead. caller: i'm not going the argue. i'm just joking. stephanie: i'm not arguing about not arguing. caller: the point the guy might have been trying to make is that these are temporary jobs, that's not building the infrastructure. stephanie: so we should just let them fall, right. caller: i was in two of those jobs that actually resulted in less people employed, and they were rebuilding sewer treatment plants that had about seven or eight employees but after they were updated it went to one employee, because the updates made them more efficient. so i think the point that he may have been making is you want to have more of an emphasis on small business instead of local government, because that's going to be a longer standing -- >> so we shouldn't update our suh systems our bridges we shouldn't make them more
8:46 am
structure ally strong, we should just let them crumble. caller: no, we definitely should. stephanie: i don't think the argument it's a temporary job. at some point you're did you fixing the bridge. caller: but the point being is that there's been some pseudopackages for the small business association which represent very, very, very small numbers, like further $500 loans for the spall business association, which you can't even get a vehicle never mind another employee for a small business with a $4,500 loan, but there's been 800 billion in stimulus, that's kind of reversed. anyway, i was just elaborating on his point. >> what? caller: what i wanted was to talk about sorry if i run out of time. stephanie: yes. caller: was the lack of truth in any of the debates. i mean as a gun owner, i would feel much more comfortable if it was just truthful. i've looked up the statistics myself 87% are with small
8:47 am
handguns, 3% with assault weapons. why are they chasing assault weapons? stephanie: because they do more damage than all of these massacres that have just you happened, 26 people, including a 26-year-old, that's a lot of carnage. that's why. in every single one of these aurora, virginia tech, newtown wherever. i am arguing with you about that. i am. ok, 45 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: in a perfect world, there would be no right wing talk radio. until then, there is the "stephanie miller show." inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ stephanie: all right dispensing with personal business during the breaks. fifty minutes after the hour. so that happened. 1-800-steph-1-2. illinois delivers a victory to gay and lesbian couples. the bill goes to the house. governor pat quinn expected to sign the bill if it gets to his desk. fortunately, i have a future husband in this stick senator willie delgado.
8:53 am
>> he's with? stephanie: the city of chicago. he said all the citizens are the same in the lord's eyes. he said he was having flashbacks to the movie lincoln. [ mumbling ] stephanie: he said for the love of god i feel like i'm sitting in 1865 where similar debates were about why savory should continue in our country. this is the time, this is the place, we are one people. [ applause ] stephanie: good for him. >> why don't you go out and gay marry him. stephanie: i think i will. chubby checker is suing hewlett
8:54 am
packard saying they infringed upon his name with the chubby checker app. estimating the size of a man's penis based on his shoe size. is it true, the shoe size thing? >> i've always been told the nail bed. >> a bed that nails? >> where your fingernails attach to your finger, the size of your nail bed. stephanie: i'm having a horrible valentine's day week. i read the story on celebrity assistants and few i make t-bone come and spoon with me every night. >> he did last night. stephanie: he says he did so i'll take his word for it. [ laughter ]. being forced to sleep in their beds being on call 24/7 for
8:55 am
meaningless demands. >> that's you. >> that's me. >> babysitters of the rich and famous reveal the horrors they've dealt with working for lady gaga and naomi campbell, well naomi campbell, you're just crazy if you take that job. >> lady gaga made her assistant sleep in her bed because she can't sleep alone. working for naomi campbell, duties included arriving head at the hotels to make sure everything was perfect. pressing the clothes taking out the condition tents of the mini bar and putting 20 lily-scented candles in specific spots. >> really? stephanie: god forbid they weren't the luxury brand. >> my entry, like the first
8:56 am
then music, they then the door, then the carpet. stephanie: that was before we were on t.v. there was really no reason for it. >> no reason for lights. stephanie: there always had to be five candles in the barrel, 10 in the living room. she wanted to pretend to the outside world that she wasn't drinking. i need to take testimony bone on the road to pretend that, too. i would have to remove the bottles and tell the maid she couldn't drink. in another outrageous incident, an actor called the assistant from across the world because there was no toilet paper in his bathroom. see, another button, you would get the front desk and you could tell them that. he was five hours ahead in london and called her to tell the hotel because he was out of
8:57 am
toilet paper. instead of dialing the assistant, it would have been one number, front desk for housekeeping toilet paper. >> that's all you have to do. >> hi, help me, i'm on a can very well cruise. [ farting sounds ] stephanie: ron you're on the show. hi, ron. caller: i think you ought to be nominated for some type of saint for your patience in dealing with these right wing gumbos. stephanie: thank you. we have a lot of n.r.a. moles calling this morning, i believe. caller: i used to own a gun and i enjoyed firing, i liked doing it at a range and i'll still go once in a while if i have a chance but this garbage about they can't put up with any type of laws, and slippery slopes are coming to take your guns, i can't believe owe he oh i mean, i know there's been a dumbing down of america for 30 years
8:58 am
but. stephanie: i speak for all of us when i say -- right. caller: i think you try to reason with them, but i got to tell you when he says four plus four is five, you will not convince them it's actually eight. stephanie: that's right. i'm not sure what it sounds like when they call t-bone, hello i'm a paid troll calling from under a bridge, can you put me through immediately. stephanie: idiot troll alert. what about the handguns? stephanie: mike in studio city, you're on the "stephanie miller show." caller: this slippery slope thing, i just can't listen to it anymore. we are already on a slippery slope. slippery slope to mass violence. stephanie: nick in l.a. is a union worker. hello, welcome.
8:59 am
caller: about these guys talking about the infrastructure, when you put people to work, they spend money. when people start to spend money, it circulates and it trickles all the way down. stephanie: when you're done fixing one bridge, you go fix another. >> all construction is temporary. $10 an hour? stephanie: unless the workers i hire, and then it's never ever done. >> that's why you should use angie's list. stephanie: john in verge. caller: hello stephanie. stephanie: hi u i used to work in a coal mine up in pennsylvania, and we were union united mine workers. this guy calling about we're going to have to hire somebody and pay him $10 an hour. stephanie: yeah. caller: i mean, come on. >> ridiculous. caller: you have negotiation between the company and the union, and they decide

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